Omnigrid Foldaway Large Cutting Mat & Ironing Area (12" x 18")


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The Omnigrid Gear tote size FoldAway is a portable pressing and cutting station for quilters and sewists. It features an 12in x 18in Omnigrid cutting mat and non-stick ironing surface. It is ideal for trimming and pressing foundation blocks, and for cutting around templates. Convenient and easy-to-use; Ironing and cutting surfaces are side-by-side. You can use both sides or fold one side under; Ideal when space is limited. It's perfect for classes and travel - it fits right in your tote.

Color: Black Outside, with Green and Gray inside.
Made of: Plastic
Use: Cutting and ironing Mats in a folded case
Size: 12in x 18in
Included: One Mat and ironing Area 

Category : Cutting Tools

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