Wonderfil Flash Reflective Thread


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This unique thread line was designed to reflect strongly under bright lights, making it ideal for use in safety garments, clothing and accessories worn at night, and even cosplay costumes and items. The polyester thread is woven with a second strand of reflective thread. Stitch it anywhere a highly reflective element is desired.

Color: Variegated Gray
Recommended Needle Size: Machine: 90/14 Topstitch, 80/12 Nonstick, 100/16 Nonstick (For multiple layers), Longarm 18, Hand:- Assorted hand embroidery
Made of: Polyester
Recommended Use: Machine embroidery, safety garments, clothing and accessories worn at night, cosplay costumes, decorative stitching, art quilts, crafts
Thread Weight: 40wt
Length: 137m 

Category : Wonderfil

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