Solaris Upgrade Kit 1


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The Upgrade features:
• Three new stitches which look like running stitch are formed by several small stitches then one longer stitch
• Guidelines can display as line or point
• Zigzag couching with dual feed foot:  special sole and yarn guide are included hardware.  Use zigzag stitch (1-10) to straddle yarn or cording.
• Zigzag embroidery couching:  special embroidery foot and yarn guide are included hardware.  40 Couching patterns added as new category.  Use medium, lofty yarn.  Stitches straddle and pierce yarn.
• 272mm x 272mm (10-5/8 inches x 10-5/8 inches) frame with latch lock/release at the bottom
• Enhanced quilting border function (increased to 300cm x 300 cm / 118” x 118”) for automatic borders and also manually connected borders and sashings
• Enhanced character editing (can select one, multiple or all characters in one line of text)
• Presser foot lowers automatically when embroidering if set up this way in machine’s settings
• 75 New embroidery designs (5 large for new frame + 70 other designs)
• Color Visualizer has a new favorites function (save up to 9 favorites to narrow final choice)
• Six new decorative fills for IQ Designer
• New light fill for IQ Designer (1-2 passes instead of 2-3 passes)
• Additional selection tools in IQ Designer
• Instructional videos added to Help/Video tab
• Kit I Instruction and Reference Guide added to Help/PDF Manuals tab
• IQ Intuition app for monitoring status of embroidery design (shows thread colors, time for each color and overall design, status, thread stop/thread breakage/finished messages)

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