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DESIGN: I'm Sew Very Happy
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Quotable Cuffs are open bracelets bearing a slogan or inspiration.  In typical Whitney Howard Design fashion, they have taken a great looking piece of jewelry and created a daily reminder of the life you want to live.  Choose the story and message you want to live each day by wearing the reminder on your wrist.  It's like tying a string around your finger, but so much cooler.

  • Recycled lead-free pewter
  • Handcrafted

Available in the following designs:

  • When Life Gives You Scraps Make a Quilt
  • Follow Your Bliss
  • I'm Sew Very Happy
  • Butterfly
  • Do What you Love What You Do
  • Sew a Needle Pulling Thread
  • Dream  Explore Create Imagine Discover
  • I Love Quilting
  • CREATIVITY is Intelligence having fun

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