Perchance by Tammy Silvers


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Big blocks plus wonderful prints equals one great 72x88 bed size quilt and an 18x69 bed runner!

From the back Cover Materials – Perchance

72” x 88” Quilt and 18” x 69” Bed Runner

 1 Panel Fabric A   21295-2 or 21296-3 (Bed Runner)


  5 yards Fabric B  Dark Blue  21299-49  (Quilt & Runner)


 2 ¾ yards Fabric C Lime  21299-74 (Quilt)


  ¾ yard Fabric D Green Bubbles  21298-74 (Quilt Sashing/Runner)


 1 yard Fabric E  Blue  21299-44 (Quilt Blocks)


  5 yards Fabric F Bright Green Bubbles  21297-77 (Quilt & Runner)


 ½ yard Fabric G  Dark Blue Bubbles  21297-49 (Runner)  


Backing: 6 yards (Quilt)

               1 ¼ yard (Runner)


Batting: 80” x 96” (Quilt) Warm’n Natural Batting (

              26” x 77” (Runner)

Category : Dreamscape, Northcott

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