Organ Serger Needles SLx75 90/14 - (2054)

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    Get a professionally serged finish with Organ's Serger Needles. They are engineered with a regular point to pierce various fabrics for all your projects, including cotton, polyester, rayon, and polyester/cotton blend threads. These Organ needles come in a pack of 10. These 2054 needles are comparable to the now discontinued Singer No. 2054 needles.

Guaranteed to fit Singer sewing machine models:
14U12, 14U13, 14U13A, 14U23, 14U234, 14U234B, 14U23A, 14U285, 14U286B, 14U32, 14U32A, 14U34 (14U34B), 14U344B, 14U354B, 14U44, 14U444B, 14U454, 14U454B, 14U455, 14U46, 14U46B, 14U52A, 14U53A, 14U544, 14U554, 14U555, 14U557, 14U595, 14U64, 14U64A, 14U65B, 14U85B, 14U948DS, PRO4D 

Category : Machine Needles

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