Odif 505 Spray - Temporary Fabric Adhesive, 500ml

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Leading product around the world for use in quilting and embroidery projects
Characteristics: A low odor temporary repositionable spray adhesive that does not stain or cause stickiness. Benefits:
1. No waiting. Can be used immediately.
2. Can be used with most types of material and paper
3. Dries clear. Low odor.
4. Does not transfer.
5. Does not wet material.
6. Does not cause yellowing.
7. Can be repositioned.
8. Adheres to most materials.
9. No1 users choice in this product category.
10. Enables project to be completed more quickly as it eliminates tacking. (no pins)
Usages of 505 Spray
Use 505 Spray and Fix Temporary Adhesive for:
1. Raw edge appliqué when you are going to sew it in place.
2. Penny Rugs – spray the back side of wool shapes, place on background to Fix in place then use a blanket stitch around the edges for a permanent hold.
3. Baste your quilts – Spray the batting or the wrong side of the backing and top to layer your quilt.
4. When loading a quilt on a long arm machine, use 505 to hold the lead edge of the batting and top to the backing fabric. This way you only pin once along the lead edge.
5. Spray 505 on Embroidery stabilizer. Hoop your stabilizer, spray, and then stick the garment in place on top without hooping.
6. Use 505 to hold patches in place before stitching down.
7. Make fabric covered buttons by spraying the fabric then cover button form. Trim fabric and fold inside top. Apply button back. Fabric will not shift.
1. 505 contains neither acid nor water and so does not wet material.
Problems often experienced with other glues.
2. Because 505 is an easy to use spray adhesive, it is very economic and convenient.
3. The ‘low odor’ means that unlike many other adhesives, even when used in confined spaces 505 can be used with little or no discomfort.
4. 505 can if necessary be easily be removed by washing. Many other adhesives leave a sticky residue that is often difficult to remove.
5. 505 dries clear. Some other adhesives leave stains or marks on exposed surfaces.
6. Unlike many other adhesives, 505 is always effective providing just the correct amount of stickiness. Many other products give either insufficient or too much ‘hold’. 505 is proven in both domestic and industrial environments to provide the correct level of adherence thus avoiding the time wasting associated with pinning, tacking.

Category : Adhesive, Sewing Tools

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