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Pro 4DX is a powerhouse serger from Janome which makes sewing and serging a pleasure.
It comes with differential feed system which gets rid of the fabric stretching, puckering or bunching up around the edges, especially for heavier fabric, knits and woven cloth.
There is a helpful color coded reference for two, three or four thread serging. The rolled hem feature on this machine will make your life so much easier. No more hassles of switching the needle plates or presser foot.
The body is designed to allow better reach along the looper below. It handles several layers of fabric efficiently and runs on minimal maintenance.
Whether you are working onnarrow, three-thread hems or hemming those delicate scarves, napkins or skirts - this serger will meet all your needs.

Janome Pro 4DX Features:

• Simple presser feet snap-on arrangement. No more screwdrivers!
• Presser feet with adjustable pressure to allow multiple layer or thicker fabric serging
• Color-coded reference chart for threads for easy readability
• Ergonomic skeleton-type design to allow better reach around the lower looper
• Twin feed dogs, with differential feed with flexible feeding options through dial control. The feed ratio could vary from ¼ to 2¼
• Standard needles with needle guards on both back and front
• Rolled hem feature to allow easy switch to hemming and quilting work
• Peak working speeds of 1300 stitches per minute
• Dials to electronically control speed, and cutting width of the thread (with the thread-cutting mechanism towed away just below the plate).
• Extra box for waste chips and sewing/ serging accessories and stand for pin-spools
• Overlock options to convert to two, three or four thread serging
• Sturdy metal body with composite handle as part of the machine for portability
• Dial laid in to adjust thread tension, with a tension release feature as well.
• Retreating knife for upper thread
• Variable seam width choice – Narrow (0.08’’), Regular (0.13’’) and Wide (0.22’’) Variable seam length options from 0.04’’ to 0.2’’

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