Janome Bobbin Holder (high tension) Yellow Dot


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For Memory Craft Embroidery Machines with automatic thread cutter (embroidery use)

This bobbin holder creates easy-to-adjust thread tension when embroidering with non Janome bobbin thread. The bobbin holder marked with a yellow dot has 20g tension. Note - Janome bobbin thread is finely-tuned for use with the standard bobbin holder which is usually set at 10g tension for embroidery machines. Non Janome bobbin thread tends to be thinner or less resistant than Janome bobbin thread so it may need more tension when embroidering.
his accessory works with the following models:
Horizon Memory Craft 12000Horizon Memory Craft 14000Horizon Memory Craft 15000 V2Horizon Quilt Maker Memory Craft 15000Horizon Quilt Maker Memory Craft 15000MC 200EMC 350EMemory Craft 11000 Special EditionMemory Craft 400EMemory Craft 500EMemory Craft 550EMemory Craft 6700PMemory Craft 9850Memory Craft 9900Skyline S9
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Category : Janome

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