Janome Ballpoint Needles Size 70

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Especially for stretch and elastic materials and tightly woven knits.  The tip of this needle has a light ball point to separate the fibres rather than cutting, reducing needle holes in the fabric.  The bulge eye opens a slightly larger space in the material and the thinner blade reduces contact between the needle and the fabric, resultin in less needle heat up and skipped stitches.

Preferred for stretch/knit fabrics. Specially designed with a rounded tip that separates fabric fibers to prevent skipping stitches or damaging fabric.Use for fabrics such as cotton knits, tricot, jersey knits, and swimsuit fabric.

Use with: MC888, 104D, 134D, 203, 234, 234D, 303, 334D, 204D, 434D, 504D, 534, 534D, 634D, 644D, 734D, 744D, 1110DX, HF3434D, 7034D, 9002D, 9102D, 8002D 

Category : machine needles

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