Janome 1/4" Seam Foot 7mm

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1/4 Seam Foot in Blister Pack
Fits most top load 7mm machines
Sews a 1/4" seam allowance quickly and accurately. Great for piecing quilts and topstitching.

This accessory works with the following models:
2030QDC22123160QDC4120QDC4120QDC49018493605300 QDC-T5812605061006300P712T80508077Classmate S-750DC1018DC1050DC2012DC2013DC2014DC2015DC2015DC2019DC3050DC4030PDC5100HD-1000HD-3000HD-3000 Black EditionHello Kitty 15822Hello Kitty 18750JNH 720JNH2030DCJNH7700JW7630JW8100Jem Gold 660Jem Platinum 760M7050M7200MOD-100MOD-100QMOD-11MOD-15MOD-19MOD-200MOD-30MOD-50Magnolia 7318Magnolia 7325Magnolia 7330Magnolia 7360Memory Craft 11000 Special EditionMemory Craft 6500PMemory Craft 6600PMyStyle100NPCF50NQM 2016SUV1122Schoolmate S-3015Schoolmate S-7330Sewist 500Sewist 721Sewist 725SSewist 740DCSewist 780DCSkyline S3

Part Number: 200318000

Category : Janome

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