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The Moxie XL from Handi Quilter has the same easy-to- learn and oh-so-fun to use experience as the original Moxie, but with new features to help you finish your own quilts faster and with an incredibly smooth stitching experience. Get to quilting quickly with straightforward features, easy-to-use controls, and 18 inches of throat space to get creative. Practical features like bright lighting and touchscreen controls make this simple, spunky longarm the perfect quilting machine to customize and make your own.

  • Weight 70 lbs 
  • Dimensions 42 × 26 × 17 in
  • Throat Size 18 inches 
  • Works with the following HQ frames - Loft Frame 8ft, Loft Frame 10 ft, Little Foot Frame
  • Speed 2,100 Stitches per minute
  • Stitches per inch 4 to 18
  • Pro-Stitcher Compatibility - Pro-Stitcher Lite Compatible      

Introducing the Moxie XL Video  

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