GO! Qube 9" Companion Set-Angles

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NOTE: You must own a GO! Qube Mix & Match Set before adding the same-sized Companion Set.

Introducing the GO! Qube 9" Companion Set - Angles. The 9" Companion Set is designed to expand the possibilities of what you can create with the existing GO! Qube 9" Mix & Match Block (55777). In fact, the original GO! Qube combined with the GO! Qube 9" Companion Set allows you to make an additional 72 amazing blocks!

The 9" Companion Set includes four angled shapes labeled 13-16—a continuation of the 1-8 die numbering system from the GO! Qube 9" Mix & Match Block—a cutting mat, an instructional DVD, PLUS a FREE 24-page pattern booklet which includes 10 Mix & Match block patterns.

GO! Dies included (with quilt shape number)

GO! Triangles in Square-Center-4-1/2” Finished Square (Shape 13)
GO! Triangles in Square-Sides-4-1/2” Finished Square (Shape 14)
GO! Kite-Center-4-1/2” Finished Square (Shape 15)
GO! Trapezoid 45°-2-1/16”H x 7-1/16”W Cut (4-1/2" Finished Square) (Shape 16)

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