Dime Snap Hoop Monster - 4" x 4" Baby Lock & Brother

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Monster Snap Hoop 4 x4 Baby Lock and Brother Machines - Experience the effortless one step method to hoop and align heavyweight fabrics. The secret of this magnetic hoop is in the patented design. And now you can have the Snap Hoop Monster - 4x's stronger to handle heavier fabrics. It's perfect for: Terry cloth, Bulky fleece, Quilt sandwiches, Heavy fabrics, Continuous embroidery, and Allover embroidery. Easily make adjustments to heavy hooped fabrics. The Snap Hoop Monster is easy to use and offers pain-free hooping with no hand strain. Stop hoop burn and master allover embroidery and multiple hooping’s. With the Snap Hoop Monster, you can stitch all the way to the edge of your fabric. Multiple hoopings are a breeze with the Snap Hoop Monster. Just lift the magnetic top frame, slide your fabric and snap the frame back in place. Easily achieve flawless continuous embroidery. Stitch all the way to the edge of fabric by securing just two or more sides in the hoop.


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