Bernina Hoop 'n' Buddyz Hoop Insert

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  • New design for your caps
  • For embroidering caps
  • For fabrics that are slippery or difficult to embroider
  • In combination with the large, oval embroidery hoop


The "Hoop 'N' Buddyz" embroidery hoop insert makes it easy to embroider caps as well as fabrics that are slippery or difficult to embroider. This hoop also ensures a tidy and accurate result on uneven fabrics. Sticking the material to the adhesive fleece clamped in the "Hoop 'N' Buddyz" embroidery hoop insert creates a non-slip surface for easy embroidery of motifs, patterns and lettering. This embroidery hoop is intended for use with the large, oval embroidery hoop.


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