Bernina #56 Open Embroidery with Non-Stick Sole Foot

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Perfect for sewing decorative stitches
Creation of attractive appliqué designs
Open shape for a clear view of the sewing area
Non-stick coating on the sole ensures it slides smoothly
For plastic, vinyl, leather or similar materials

The Open Embroidery Foot with Non-Stick Sole #56 is multi-talented, ideal for sewing on appliqués and decorative trims or elastic, as well as for Richelieu embroidery.

It’s also suitable for circular embroidery, and for sewing lines, curves and corners. The practical non-stick sole ensures smooth feeding, even over "sticky" materials.

The large wedge-shaped channel under the sole  allows easy feeding of the fabric, so the presser foot glides smoothly over dense stitch formations. The open toe configuration also guarantees a good view of the sewing area.

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