Baby Lock Overlock Table

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The Overlock Table allows the sewist to use overlock stitches with Baby Lock Serger Attachments for a
one-of-a-kind creative edge fi nish to any project, or those perfect seams every sewist desires.

  • Expands the creative potential of the Baby Lock Triumph or Ovation 
  • Allows attachments designed for cover and chain stitches with overlock stitches
  • Creates a fl at sewing surface allowing for more control of fabric while stitching
  • Pairs with the Fabric Guide to improve sewing skillset and build confidence 
  • Creates stunning unique edge finishes using the optional serger attachments
  • Baby Lock exclusive, no other similar, innovative table on the market•
  • Compatible with the Standard Presser Foot and any of the Triumph and Ovation Overlock Presser Feet

Compatible Attachments 

  • Fabric Guide (BLES8-FG)
  • Double Fold Knit Bias Binders: 8 mm (BLCS-DFBB8), 10 mm (BLCS-DFBB10), 15 mm (BLCS-DFBB15) 
  • Double Fold Bias Binders: 28 mm (BLE8-S3), 36 mm (BLE8-S2) 
  • Plain Hemmer: 1/4” (BLE8-S7), 1/2” (BLE8-S6) 
  • Single Downturn Fellers: 1/4” (BLE8-S10), 5/8”(BLE8-S8), 1”(BLE8-S9)
  • Single Fold Bias Binders: 28 mm (BLE8-S4), 40 mm (BLE8-S5) 
  • Single Fold Knit/Woven Binders: 15 mm (BLES8-SFG15)
  • Belt Loop Binders: BLE8-S12 and BLE8-S1


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