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The Baby Lock Euphoria cover stitch machine is the perfect complement to your Baby Lock fourthread serger or sewing machine. It creates professional finishes for all your garments, is perfect for active knitwear and even home décor projects. Choose from a triple, wide or narrow cover stitch or chain stitch and easily finish your projects made from even the trickiest fabrics. The Euphoria includes ExtraordinAir® Threading, which threads the chain looper with just the touch of a button. With Automatic Thread Delivery™ you can thread the needles in any order and be ready to stitch with no tension adjustments. Using a cover stitch machine has never been this easy!

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Technology Features
• ExtraordinAir ® Threading
• Automatic Thread DeliveryTM System
• Pure Lighting with three LED lights
• Wide workspace of 5" to right of needle and 3" tall
• Full-Featured Differential Feed
o 2 to 1 Ratio – gathering
o 3 to 4 Ratio – stretching
• Knee lift

Advanced Cover Stitch Features
• Chain, narrow cover, wide cover, and triple cover stitches
• Cover stitch width 3mm or 6mm
• Dial adjustable stitch length: 1- 4mm
• 1,500 stitches per minute

Convenience Features
• Enhanced telescopic antenna with thread guides
• Built-in thread cutter
• Electronic foot control
• Built-in accessory storage
• Snap on multi-purpose presser foot
• Needle clamp plate to secure needles
• Carry handle
• Presser Foot Lever on the right
• Needle drop tray with magnet
• Bypass port and guide for special thread

• Household needle system:
o ELx705CF
• Weight: 25.6 pounds
• Warranty: 25 years limited, 10 years parts, 5 years electrical, 1 year labor

Optional Accessories
• Belt Loop Binder 3/4" BLE8-S12
• Belt Loop Binder 1-1/2" BLE8-S11
• Clear Foot BLCS-CLF
• Cover Chain Foot BLE8-CCF
• Double Fold Bias Binder 28mm BLE8-S3
• Double Fold Bias Binder 36mm BLE8-S2
• Fabric Guide BLES8-FG
• Knit Woven Double Fold Bias Binder 8mm BLCS-DFBB8
• Knit Woven Double Fold Bias Binder 10mm BLCS-DFBB10
• Knit Woven Double Fold Bias Binder 15mm BLCS-DFBB15
• Knit Woven Single Fold Bias Binder 15mm BLES8-SFB15
• Pintuck Foot with Guides BLCS-PTF
• Plain Hemmer 1/4" BLE8-S7
• Plain Hemmer 1/2" BLE8-S6
• Quilt Guide BLES8-QG
• Single Downturn Feller 1/4" BLE8-S10
• Single Downturn Feller 5/8" BLE8-S8
• Single Downturn Feller 1" BLE8-S9
• Single Fold Bias Binder 28mm BLE8-S4
• Single Fold Bias Binder 40mm BLE8-S5
• Serger Trolley Bag BLSTF
• 10 Piece Accessory/Foot Kit BLC4-FTKIT
• Baby Lock Love of Sewing Membership LOSML2
• Koala Serger Station 71100059
• Extension Table BLE58-ET

ExtraordinAir® Threading
With just a gust of air, ExtraordinAir instantly takes thread through the looper.  Threading has never been this fast, easy or

Needle Threading System
Use the needle threader for quick and easy threading of each needle with just the touch of a lever.

Chain & Cover Stitches
Baby Lock has once again revolutionized your sewing! Finish your projects with chain, narrow cover, wide cover, and triple cover stitches for a professional finish everytime.

Chain & Cover Stitches
Baby Lock has once again revolutionized your sewing! Finish your projects with chain, narrow cover, wide cover, and
triple cover stitches for a professional finish everytime.

Large Throat Space
Easily stitch on large projects and use optional attachments with room to spare.

Knee Lift
Raise the presser foot by simply moving the attachable lever with your knee. This leaves both of your hands free for extra control.

Adjustable Presser Foot Height up to 6mm
Euphoria features a higher presser foot height (6mm) to effortlessly handle thicker and loftier fabric. With the Drop Feed system the feed dogs lower automatically when you raise the presser foot which helps thick fabrics fit under the presser foot.

Automatic Thread Delivery™ (ATD) System
Set the Euphoria to the type of stitch you want and get started! The Euphoria delivers a balanced stitch on any fabric with any type of thread.

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