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Achieve all your sewing objectives with the Baby Lock Accomplish 2 sewing machine. This impressive machine is designed with speed in mind, at the ready to sew 1,500 stitches per minute. Whether sewing a  quilt, purse, or bulky upholstery fabric with heavy-duty thread for decorative stitching, the Accomplish 2 is strong enough to sew with ease and effectiveness.

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• Straight stitch machine
• 1,500 stitches per minute
• Precision pin feed system
• Built-in needle threader
• Convenient push buttons:
• Needle up/down
• Thread cutter
• Standard bobbin winder and side-loading bobbin
• Adjustable stitch length up to 7mm
• Thread tension adjustment dial
• Presser foot pressure adjustment
• Adjustable feed dogs, up to 4 heights
• Hands-free presser foot lift
• Built-in telescoping thread stand
• LED lighting
• Heavyweight thread guide
• Attachment plate

Included Accessories
• Hands-free presser foot lift
• 7 feet
• Flex-reaction
• Free-motion quilting
• General purpose
• Invisible zipper
• 1/4"
• Rolled hem
• Zipper
• Seam guide
• Soft cover for machine
• Bobbins
• Quilting extension table
Optional Accessories
• Double Fold Bias Binder
(BLE8-S2, BLE8-S3)
• Fabric Guide (BLES8-FG)
• Plain Hemmer (BLE8-S6, BLE8-S7)
• Single Downturn Fellers (BLE8-S8, BLE8-S9, BLE8-S10)
• Single Fold Bias Binder (BLE8-S4, BLE8-S5)
• Walking Foot (BLQP-WF) 

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