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A lot of embroidery projects take a long time to create so every season we try to release at least one Christmas collection that can be completed quickly. Christmas Trios is such a collection. There are 8 different themes in this collection and each theme has three designs in it, large, medium and small. While these designs can be used on anything we designed them for use on towel sets. Towel sets make the perfect gift for any home. The large design sits perfectly on a bath towel, the medium on a hand towel and the small on a fingertip towel. We used towels that we purchased at a bath store so we didn’t even have to add the trim. We used a heavy tear-away on the back of the towel and a wash away or heat away topping on the top. If you need further tips on embroidering towels there is a Home Decor tutorial located on the CD-Rom in the tutorials folder. Have a Merry Christmas!

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