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We are very excited to present our Asian Accessories collection to you.
These “In the Hoop” Projects are unique in the fact that they contain very detailed embroidery design. Each accessory has a beautifully quilted background as well as Koi. This collection is broken into three different parts. The first part is zippered bags. There are three different bags that can be used as purses, cosmetic cases or camera bags. The unique part of these bags is that they are quilted! We used batting along with a unique folding technique to create elegant quilted bags. We also used a new folding technique that allows you to hide the zipper. The bags are also lined with organza for a unique finishing touch. The bags are extremely easy to create and we guarantee that you will love them. The second part of the collection consists of sleeves. The sleeves are perfect to hold your phone and Mp3 player, along with a case for eyeglasses. The sleeves use a unique construction technique as well. The final part of the collection is each Koi is included individually so you can add the designs to any other project.
There are two kanji symbols in this project. The symbol ending in 8 that looks like 2 characters side by side is the kanji symbol for “koi”. The second symbol, 9, is the kanji symbol for “dream”.

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