Did you know that you can print your own labels for all your projects with ease?

Here's how:

What you need is:

  • a fabric label
  • access to a computer with word processing software and an ink jet printer
  • 1 sheet of regular bond paper
  • tape (Scotch brand Magic Tape works great)
1. Create your label by entering your wording into word processing software. Here's a list of what you might consider saying on your label:
  • Name of Quilt
  • Size of Quilt
  • Credit to the designer, pattern name and/or the source of inspiration
  • A story about your Quilt: Who it's for; what's the occasion; special thoughts or fabrics included and sentiment
  • Who made and quilted the quilt and where and when it was made

Once your message is ready, you can adjust your fonts (bold copy if desired) and center your information in the middle of the page for printing. If you measure the space on the label, you will know what kind of space you are working with.

**PLEASE NOTE: Coloured ink jet ink is not colour fast, so please print in black only. If you wish to add additional colours, do so with fabric markers after the label is printed.

2. Print your label onto regular paper

3. Take the fabric label and position it over the text on the paper. You will be able to see this faintly through your label. Check fitting. Adjust accordingly on your computer and re-print if necessary.

4. Once your fabric label is positioned, use scotch tape to secure the label to the bond paper. Ensure all edges are completely secured.

5. Put your paper with label attached back into the printer tray. Remove all other paper from the tray except for your label sheet. Print NOTE: face up or face down? Check before printing. Draw the word "TOP" on the top of a piece of paper and place in printer tray face up, top towards the back of the tray. Print something. This will tell you how the image is going to be printed.

6. Carefully remove the scotch tape from the edges of the label or trim away to prevent fraying.

7. Give the ink a good press with a hot iron. Trim, press under the seam allowance and hand stitch it to the back of your project. VOILA!

8. The labels are washable, although the ink will fade a little on the first wash.