Solaris Upgrade II


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Get more creative tools on your Solaris embroidery and sewing machine with dozens of new embroidery designs, fills and features in this must-have software upgrade.  You'll also have the ability to use IQ Intuition™ App for endless design creation.

Upgrade Features Include:

  • End Point Setting for sewing - Set your end poing and Solaris will automatically adjust your stitches for the perfect length
  • IQ Intuition Positioning App for IQ Designer - Use the revolutionary IQ Intuition Positioning App to send an image from your phone to the Solaris to create an embroidery design in IQ Designer.
  • Six additional Decorative Fill Designs for IQ Designer
  • Enhanced Quilt Borders and 15 new sashing patterns
    Create even more dynamic quilt borders and sashing than ever before.  We've also added new designs to round out your creative possibilities
    - 5 new regular rectangular patterns
    - 5 two-color rectantular patterns
    - 5 Hexagn patterns
    - Up to 118" x 118" (3mx3m)
    - Triple-Stitch or Single-Stitch
  • 50 Additional Embroidery Designs - add to Solaris' already impressive design library with 50 additional embroidery designs, including frames, quilting and variety.
  • IQ Designer Enhancements - We just took IQ Designer to a new level!  You'll find new designs for single decorative fill, more varieties for random shift and improved color density for background images.  Plus, magnify up to 400% in the IQ Designer stitch setting screen.
  • Additional Features
    - smaller embroidery buttonhole patterns, XS and XXS
    - Embroidery order editing - switch stitching order of combined designs
    - Decorative fill stippling in embroidery mode, all fill patterns available
    - Easily add stippling or decorative fill within open designs
    - Magnify 400% in embroidery to see details
    - Adjust density of scanned images in embroidery mode


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