Marathon H20 Gone Wash-Away / Cut-Away Stabilizer


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  • Soft & Sheer
  • Stronger Than Films
  • Completely Dissolvable in Water
  • No Fiber Residue
  • Great For Free Standing Lace (FSL), Emblems, Napkins etc.
  • Perfect for fleece blankets


Wash-Away Directions:

Please test thoroughly prior to beginning any project.

  1. Before handling Wash-Away, be sure that hands and work area are completely dry.
  2. Cut piece larger then hoop. Hoop Wash-Away with or without article depending on application.
  3. If spray adhesive is needed, apply light coverage only where needed. Note: This may cause difficulty in the removal of Wash-Away if used too liberally.
  4. Embroider / Sew article.
  5. Trim excess stabilizer. Too dissolve remaining stabilizer, submerge article in liberal amounts of warm water and apply a slight agitation, or run through a delicate wash cycle. Due to hard water conditions, it may be necessary to repeat this step.

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