Janome Ditch Quilting Foot 9mm

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Sew "in the ditch" of a seam with this snap-on foot.
The extended guide helps you stay in the seam while the machine stitches.
It's perfect for quilt tops and garment construction on waistbands, etc.

9mm snap on
This accessory works with the following models:
Horizon Memory Craft 12000Horizon Memory Craft 14000Horizon Memory Craft 15000 V2Horizon Memory Craft 8200 QCHorizon Memory Craft 8200QCP Special EditionHorizon Memory Craft 8900QCP Special EditionHorizon Memory Craft 9400QCPHorizon Quilt Maker Memory Craft 15000Horizon Quilt Maker Memory Craft 15000Memory Craft 6650Memory Craft 6700PMemory Craft 9850Memory Craft 9900Skyline S5Skyline S6Skyline S7Skyline S9

Category : Janome

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