janome Circular Attachment

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Guaranteed to fit Elna sewing machine models:
Elnita ec30, Elnita ec60, Lotus, Lotus 2, eXcellence 580+, eXcellence 680, eXcellence 680+, eXcellence 720PRO, eXcellence 730PRO, eXcellence 760PRO, eXcellence 770, eXcellence 780+, eXperience 550, eXperience 560, eXperience 570, eXperience 580, eXpressive 850, eXpressive 860, eXpressive 900, eXpressive 920

Guaranteed to fit Janome sewing machine models:
AMH-M100 Anna Maria Horner, Continental M7 Professional, Continental M7 Quilter's Collector Series, DC2015, Horizon Memory Craft 12000, Horizon Memory Craft 14000, Horizon Memory Craft 15000, Horizon Memory Craft 8900QCPSE, Horizon Memory Craft 9400QCP, Memory Craft 6650, Memory Craft 6700P, Memory Craft 8200QCP SE, Memory Craft 9450QCP, Memory Craft 9850 (MC9850), Memory Craft 9900 Horizon, Skyline S3, Skyline S5, Skyline S6, Skyline S7, Skyline S9


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