Gamut 2-Speed Stitch Eraser

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NEW - GAMUT 2 SPEED STITCH ERASER runs from any 110 volt outlet in your home. This box includes a bottle for oil, a brush, and instructions. The brush makes it easier to remove thread from the teeth of the Stitch Eraser.

Gamut Stitch Eraser has been engineered to remove embroidery stitches quickly and efficiently without damaging fabric. Stitches will need to be removed with a hand tool or tweezers once cut. Some stubborn stitches may need to be removed with a seam ripper.

The 9mm blades on Gamut's Stitch Eraser make it more effective at maneuvering the Stitch Eraser.. Every embroiderer should have one in their Embroidery supplies. .

EFFORTLESS STITCH REMOVAL: Stop struggling with seam rippers, exacto knives, and other Blades. Cut out stitches with a simple back-and-forth hand motion using Gamut Stitch Eraser.

SHAVE AWAY STITCHES: Slice stitches from the opposite side to clean up mistakes or 'edit' your embroidery projects without straining your fingers.

TEETH WIDELY SPACED FOR THREAD: The shaving teeth on Gamut's Stitch Eraser are widely spaced unlike those used on electric groomers, trimmers, or shavers. It's made to cut thread without damaging fabric.

CORRECT MISTAKES WITH NO GARMENT DAMAGE: Remove stitches from the rear side to prevent damage to fabric and the rest of your embroidery project. Clear out the thread with a pair of tweezers when finished


Category : Embroidery, Sewing Tools

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