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Introducing, Le Alpi, Aurifil’s inaugural advent calendar. A delightful homage to the holiday traditions of our childhood, it was designed to rekindle the pure, unadulterated joy that once sparkled in our eyes as we eagerly awaited the festive season. Each compartment holds one small spool of Aurifil’s 100% cotton thread, meticulously curated to bring a burst of excitement. 

Nestled in the foothills of the Italian Alps, our headquarters boasts a daily panorama of the majestic mountain range. This natural splendor informed and influenced the selection of our advent color palette, reflecting the aesthetic we embody. Our palette of 24 hues includes five brand-new, limited-edition 50wt colors exclusive to this advent calendar as well as the introduction of five new shades of 8wt and a medley of Aurifil’s cotton thread weights.

UNDER THE CLEAR, COLD LIGHT OF DAWN, the winter mountain landscape unfurled like a painter’s canvas, silent and pristine. The snow-capped peaks rose majestically, their ridges kissed by the first rays of the morning sun. It was here, amidst the serene stillness and the crisp air, that the color palette for the inaugural advent calendar began to take form.

AURELIA, A SEASONED TEXTILE ARTIST, stood at the edge of a frozen lake, her breath visible in the frosty air. She held her sketchbook close, her eyes scanning the horizon. The mountains whispered their secrets to her, each hue and shade etched in her memory.

THE DEEP INDIGO OF THE PRE-DAWN SKY WAS THE FIRST TO CATCH HER EYE. It was a shade so rich, it seemed to hold the spirit of pure night within it, embodying the quiet mystery of the mountains before the break of day.

HER GAZE SWEPT ACROSS THE VAST EXPANSE, catching the distant horizon, where the sky met the mountain tops in a faint, barely-there blush. This was the hint of the first light touching the world, a soft, delicate rose tinged hue. Then, as the sun began its ascent, it cast a soft, golden light over the landscape. The snow, previously a simple white blanket, now glowed with a subtle warmth. Aurelia noted the way the light played upon the surface, creating a delicate, buttery hue… a creamy white tinged with the gentlest hint of yellow.

TURNING HER GAZE TO THE PEAKS, Aurelia observed the shadows that clung to the rugged terrain. These shadows were not simply black but a complex, velvety blend of deep blue and gray, that hinted at the hidden valleys and ancient rocks. The evergreens that dotted the lower slopes added a stark contrast, their needles a rich, verdant green, resilient against the cold. Aurelia’s reverie is interrupted by the gentle tapping of a woodpecker, its sound echoing through the still air. Amidst the lofty evergreens, the bird is a flurry of motion, its bright red crest a vibrant contrast to the dormant trees and the icy ground.

AS THE SUN CLIMBED HIGHER, it revealed the crystalline beauty of the ice formations along the frozen waterfalls and streams. The ice sparkled with an almost ethereal light, casting off hints of pale blue, teal, and silver. Aurelia reveled in those sparkling hues, made ever more vibrant in the breaking sunlight, a defiant burst of color in the monochrome landscape.

HER EYES WERE DRAWN TO THE LOWER ALTITUDES, where the ground, not entirely covered by snow, revealed occasional patches of exposed earth. It was a muted, umber tone, rugged and enduring, a warm taupe that grounded her palette in the steadfastness of the mountain’s foundation.

FINALLY, AS THE DAY PROGRESSED AND THE SUN BEGAN TO DESCEND, casting a golden hue across the mountains, Aurelia saw the final piece of her palette. The setting sun bathed the peaks in a warm, amber glow, creating an almost magical atmosphere. The rich, warm, fiery hues encapsulated the fleeting beauty of the day’s end.

AURELIA RETURNED TO HER STUDIO, her sketchbook almost as full as her heart, each swatch transcending into a thread that carried the spirit of the mountain’s quiet grandeur. Together, they wove the story of a winter dawn in the Alps, a tale told in the language of color.

Le Alpi was created for you, to celebrate joy and wonderment, and to foster a sense of festive creativity. In addition to each carefully selected spool, the calendar will offer access to a secure online portal bursting with digital goodies, compliments of Aurifil. We hope you delight in each new day and find your own story within the spools.

This will be a limited production run. To secure your set, be sure pre-order today. Advent Boxes will arrive in November.

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