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Universal sewing thread SERACYCLE®, the sustainable all-rounder

200M Spool

Mettler moves with the times - join us and decide on our sustainable all-rounder among the sewing threads!

With SERACYCLE® you buy exactly the right sewing thread for resource-conscious projects. The entire article is based on environmentally friendly materials. Both the sewing thread and the spool are made of recycled plastic.
Made from 100% post-consumer recycled PET bottles, the thread combines the highest ecological requirements with the usual Mettler quality. In the production process, we use only transparent PET bottles. In this way, we guarantee the highest level of product quality. For the production of the spool we use 100% recycled polystyrene.
SERACYCLE® is suitable for various purposes. The high-quality sewing thread masters various types of fabrics and stitches. Whether on cotton, synthetics, blended fabrics, linen or silk, the outstandingly sewable sewing thread convinces all along the line. Due to its core thread construction, the sewing thread is not only optimally abrasion-resistant, stretchable and tearproof, but also wonderfully supple.
Last but not least, the thread scores with its iron-proof, non-shrink and colorfast properties. All this makes SERACYCLE® an excellent all-rounder. Women's, men's and children's clothing, sportswear and outdoor, as well as underwear and lingerie can all be perfectly realized with it.

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