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SOAK Wild Mint is a refreshing fragrance that has a hint of mint, geranium, and citrus. Its gentle no-rinse formule is safe to use on delicate projects like handmade quilts, baby quilts, sweaters, and lingerie. Made from fabric-friendly ingredients, it revitalizes fibres making them last longer. SOAK is safe for hand and machine washing.

Hand Washing
Pour a capful of Soak into a gallon of cool water. Make sure there’s enough room for the water to move around and cover the item.

Soak it for 15 minutes (longer is okay), then gently squeeze out the water- there’s no need to rinse. Some color may bleed into the water, but don’t worry, this won’t harm your garment. (But it’s always a good idea to test for color-fastness before washing.)

Roll the item in a dry towel and squeeze out moisture. Lay flat to dry.

Spot Cleaning
Put some Soak on a cotton swab, gently rub the stain, then rinse with water.

Machine Washing
Soak works in both regular and high efficiency (HE) machines. Check your machine’s instructions for the capacity – you’ll need one teaspoon per gallon.

Add it just as you would a liquid laundry detergent, and run the machine on the delicate cycle. You can use the rinse cycle or skip it – depends on what you’re washing.


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