Baby Lock 55th Anniversary Limited Edition 4-Thread Serger

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55 years ago, the first household serger was introduced by Baby Lock.  Celebrate this anniversary with the 55th Anniversary model and your continued serging success from the comfort of your creative space. The 55th Anniversary serger includes the ExtraordinAir® Threading which threads the loopers with the touch of a button and Automatic Thread Delivery™ (ATD) allowing threading in any order.

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Download the Baby Lock 55th Anniversary LE Serger Brochure 

ExtraordinAir® Threading

  • With just a burst of air, the looper threads are
    instantly passed through both loopers. Threading
    has never been this fast, easy, or extraordinary!

Automatic Thread Delivery™ System (ATD)

  • Set your serger to the desired stitch type and get
    started! This system delivers a balanced stitch
    on any fabric and using any type of thread.

Needle Threading System

  • The needle threader holds the thread
    in place for quick and easy threading
    with just the touch of a lever.

Exclusive Wave Stitch

  • Expand your creative journey with the Exclusive
    Wave Stitch. By combining different thread colors,
    types, and weights along with stitch widths you
    will find it easy to create one-of-a-kind looks.

Advanced Serging Features

  • Exclusive Wave Stitch for additional decorative stitch options
  • Rolled hemming with 3 threads
  • Flatlock stitching with 2 or 3 threads
  • Dial adjustable stitch width: 1.5-7.5mm
  • Dial adjustable stitch length:  0.75-4mm
  • Dial adjustable built-in rolled hem
  • Heavy-duty cutting system
  • Side thread cutter
  • 1,500 Stitches per minute
  • Adjustable presser foot height up to 5.5mm

Included Accessories

  • Instruction Manual 
  • Quick Reference Threading Guide
  • Foot Control
  • Lint brush/needle insert tool
  • Two needle clamp screws
  • Package of assorted sized needles
  • Two screwdrivers (medium and large)
  • Tweezers
  • Upper cutting blade for replacement
  • Looper threading tool
  • Machine soft cover
  • Four thread nets
  • Four spool caps
  • Four sponge disks
  • Allen wrench
  • Four cone holders

Optional Accessories
• Beading Foot (BLE-BF)
• Blindhem Foot (BLE-BLHFS)
• Clear Foot (BLE3ATW2-CLF)
• Cording Foot 3mm (BLE-CF3)
• Cording Foot 5mm (BLE-CF5)
• Elastic Foot (BLE-EF)
• Flat Sole Foot (BLE3ATW-FSF)
• Lace Applicator Foot (BLE-LF)
• Ruffling Foot (BLE-RF)
• Teflon Foot (BLEATW-TF)
• 6 Serger Accessory Feet Package (BLE1AT-FEET)
• 10 Piece Foot Kit (BLES4FTKIT)
• Imagine Foot Kit (BLE1AT-FTKT) 

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